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The page has a fractal as a background image.

Disappearing Act

Considering the Gospel of Luke Chapter 24

The 24th Chapter of the Gospel of Luke tells one of the most popular New Testament Bible Stories. The core of the chapter is frequently called the story of "The Road to Emmaus" and "The Meal at Emmaus". The story involves two disciples of the recently crucified Jesus who encounter him as they travel along that road. Initially the two do not recognize him as he joins them on their walk, and their eventual recognition of him as being the risen Jesus is the crux of the story.This comic tells the story from a perhaps unusual angle as it introduces us to Sensei and the Acolytes. It also attempts to offer some interpretation of the events.

Storybook Step By Step

How to create comics with Storybook

A sequence of screen captures showing the step by step process of using Storybook to create a comic, or perhaps a document like this one.

Test Comic

the description can include blank lines and the symbols ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:"?-=[]\;,./'.Here is some filler text.The first consideration for an online experience is the user device.

binary sunsets amid cloudy skies with document title superimposed

Image Scaling Concepts

This is an adjunct to the Comics Philosophy document.

This document focuses on, surprisingly enough, image scaling. In particular it examines some aspects ☺ of device dimensions and aspect ratios and how they affect your choice of original image formats for display on various devices.

Hot Metal

A demo comic that embodies geek humor

This is geek humor, if indeed humor it be.

It is also a demo of a simple single panel per device screen comic. In this example the dialog is contained on each panel using traditional "balloons". The last panel in this comic adds a single "play on click" animation with audio.

Audio or animations may also be used independently of one another.

BMG Enhanced

The Advent of BioMechaGenics (BMG) Enhanced

By 1980 the levels of greenhouse gases had climbed far higher than anything seen for many millions of years, and by the start of the 21st century, it was clear that there was a major connection between global temperature and greenhouse gas levels.
Now the computer models, with wholly independent methods and data, were predicting processes that would bring a rapid and severe global warming a disruption of climate exceeding anything seen since the emergence of the human species. The models said the threshold for dangerous global warming would be crossed between 2027 and 2042.
This was the milieu that would see the advent of BioMechaGenics (BMG) Enhanced.

Bird Of Prey

Life under arms after the Collapse

This is a story about a near-future dystopia. In that future, society has collapsed. This tale presents a vignette of the resulting order of things. The story is part of a larger overarching tale, and the idea of telling the tale was the impetus for making Storybook.

The comic was created by Storybook using uploaded content.

fortress like building in valley on distant planet at night, city in the mountain background

SOS Message

From time to time I may add some short subject comics like this CSS animation that will be one of the kind. This is an example of that sort of concept piece.

a dragonfly chopper over hilly terrain at night with document title superimposed

Storybook Philosophy

These are the ideas and concepts that the Storybook Comic Book Builder design represents. It is an explanation of Storybook's template design for an online comic book or illustrated novel.

The first consideration for an online experience is the user device, especially its size, so there is a brief explanation, with examples, about various display sizes and aspect ratios, and how those factors affect the choice of comic book image formats. Finally it shows examples of some of the user choices available in the Storybook Builder.

Terse Tales letters as expanding zoom with subtitle text Short Short Stories

Terse Tales

Short Short Stories

This is a collection of a few single page comics with various image sizes. Each comic has an accompanying text panel with the story for that comic.

This example also adds panels that provide some detailed information about each image and the viewport or display dimensions.

Uncle Pervy's ROADHOUSE Bar Grill Bed flashing neon sign a portrait of Uncle Pervy himself

Uncle Pervy's Roadhouse #1

"Out on Joy Town Road"

Uncle Pervy's Roadhouse is a bar and grill motel operation on an asteroid named Factory. This first episode introduces us to Factory and to our protagonist, Farley.