Terse Tales demonstrates some Storybook content presentation

Howard the Duck on open water with aurora rainbow horizon

"Howard, you should have got directions. You have no idea where we are do you?"

The red dinosaur with cat burglar hanging in harness from his neck.

"I dunno, this don't look as easy as you said it was gonna be..."

rotating earth animation

But the old world continued in spin as it had now for billions of years...

red dinosaur warning that rocket launch on another planet warns invasion is coming and Happy Epoch will end

"I am telling you there is no doubt about it! They are planning to come up here and that'll be the end of this happy epoch!"

woman leaned against large purple pangolin beast, the Saddle Pangolin

"I had no idea when I got him. And he'll get to be two or three times his present size. And now I understand they take to a saddle well. We'll see!"

female artist shows off her painting of Jonny Gunn

"And this one, this one is of course my ex Jonny Gunn. He is so into those immersive reality games, especially the first person shooters. even has a rep in gaming circles. He told me he enjoyed posing for this one, he is such a stud muffin you know? Anyway, both the painting and him are available fairly cheap."

gray scale drawing of a pretty girl's face

Filters. Filters and lenses and cameras. It's been my whole existence. I feel so, so unsaturated. Know what I mean?

snarling Hyena is the New Dog

Got me a new dog. Ugly as hell, slobbers all over everything and got an endless appetite. But he laughs at all my jokes, so he's a keeper. ☺
Update. Police stopped by, said the dog was chasing a kid on a bicycle. I told them bullshit, the dog doesn't have a bicycle.

Sendol Saleswoman has human shape with convoluted mask over forehead and eyes

"How do I see Jorge? Very well actually. I just use your eyes." There was a slight pause, a sort of a latency, then she continued, "It's a lovely view isn't it? Would you like to see more?"
Jorge didn't know if he actually felt them or simply imagined tendrils teasing at the corners of his mind, little twinges of the scalp and twitches of the eye, but right at that moment Jorge wanted two things. He wanted his kilo of sendol, worth 50 times what his most prosperous classmate would make in a lifetime, and he wanted to get away from the shapeshifter.

watercolor sketch of girl's face

She was a strange girl. She had always been a strange girl.

Girl from the Strip with frowsy hair drawn in brown tones

"Met her down on the strip, I dunno. Six, seven years? Anyway this punter slapped her, know? When she cut that punter open so's he bled out, I said Hell, that's the one for me!"

Naturalist girl on alien world with cute First Contact alien

The initial contact seemed innocuous enough. The little creatures were even kind of funny in appearance. Appearances can be deceiving.

alien world Jewel viewed from space among nearby stars

It was a sweet jewel of a planet, a rare gem even among the brightly sparkling heavens of Comrin's Cluster.

Don't Bug Me animation, man at a table zaps a meandering roach with laser eyes

I'd advise you not to bug me!

HTML girl with caption, I hope you can find your way home from here