This is jjsr_01. This is jjsr_01.

Jingo Jango, Space Ranger

I serve The Alliance in the military policy enforcement branch.

This is jjsr_02. This is jjsr_02.

My name is Jingo Jango, Space Ranger.

This is jjsr_03. This is jjsr_03.

I have seen service with the fleet in far away systems.

This is jjsr_04. This is jjsr_04.

I have seen the Phaser beams split the darkness.

This is jjsr_05. This is jjsr_05.

I have seen the collisions of saucer craft with the loss of all hands in a single flash.

This is jjsr_06. This is jjsr_06.

I have witnessed the flashing death of battle cruisers with thousands lost in the burst.

This is jjsr_07. This is jjsr_07.

I witnessed the collisions of our Euripedes Star Cruisers with the enemy's ships.

This is jjsr_08. This is jjsr_08.

Yet whether in Space...

This is jjsr_09. This is jjsr_09.

Or on some surface...

This is jjsr_10. This is jjsr_10.

We stand ready to serve, defend, and protect.

This is jjsr_11. This is jjsr_11.

We have the metal,

This is jjsr_12. This is jjsr_12.

And the battle experience to do the job at hand.

This is jjsr_13. This is jjsr_13.

We are the Space Rangers.