A Storybook Comic

Night scene of the Hornet chopper over a woodland creek with hills receding into background overlaid with the title text.

This is a story about a near-future dystopia. In that future, society has collapsed. This tale presents a vignette of the resulting order of things.

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Night scene of milling persons in a smoky area with floodlights and a watchtower of an internment center called an enclave

After the great collapse, or as some called it, the "Reset", had left society in disorder, large numbers of the survivors were held in what were euphemistically called "Enclaves". After the collapse no one used the term "refugee camp" anymore, these were after all simply internment centers. Enclaves was a more palatable expression. People frequently left the questionable safety of the enclaves in an erstwhile yet almost invariably futile quest for some nebulous concept they called "freedom".

Animated view of rotating earth from space

But the old world continued in spin...

Night scene of the Hornet chopper over a woodland creek with hills receding into background

Finally an armed government and a few private armies substituted for the former rule of law. The plutocratic oligarchy which kept these forces "on retainer" assumed an interest in limiting the success of those who left the enclaves. No one used the word "escaped", it was always "left". It almost made it seem as though the "resident population" was free to depart at any time. And indeed they were, after a rude fashion.

The Hornet chopper in flight

For those bearing arms it was less a situation of feeling like paid mercenaries than it was a situation of simple survival. You were either part of ComCore or you were a hostile. And being a hostile generally meant a reduced life expectancy. If there was a choice it was straight up which way to choose.

Hornet over hazy terrain with radio text, "Dragonfly, we have hostiles at two-one-seven clicks. We make five adults and three juveniles..."

It had been a quiet shift for the crew of Hornet, and it was just a few minutes before mess call when Hornet picked up the hostile group and her crew commed Dragonfly.

Hornet with radio text, "They appear to have metal weapons. Maybe breaking for chow. Cany you confirm? Hornet over."

The almost omniscient eye of Dragonfly had detected hostiles within the span of Hornet's "area of responsibility", and Hornet had been deployed to interdict them. When Hornet located the group she quickly responded within protocol to report the results of the drone assisted forward scan. Mess call would have to wait, but not for any longer than necessary.

Hornet with radio text from Dragonfly offscreen, "Roger that Hornet. We have niner-niner likely confirmation. Execute procedure. Dragonfly over."

Terms like "hostiles" and "area of responsibility" and "execute procedure" made the whole thing somewhat technical and impersonal. It allowed for a calmer and closer focus on the task at hand when that task wasn't rudely expressed as "killing people". It's just a job, I do it to survive was a widely held perspective among the minion class.

Hornet with radio text reply, "Roger that Dragonfly. Initiating procedure..."

In the way that had ever been the manner of such paladins, everything was done in a measured way according to the ritual of protocol.

Hornet with its just launched missile below it, radio text, "Dragonfly, we have one away..."

The pop of the compressed gas that blew the little missile out of its launch tube before ignition followed by the short "fwoosssshhh" of the rocket before it was quickly gone in a trail of exhaust smoke punctuated Hornet's terse announcement to Dragonfly.

Hornet with bright flash on distant terrain, radio text from off screen, "Hornet, target acquisition success confirmed. Zero residual target activity. You may terminate this run. Dragonfly out..."

The gods of the robot factories that fabricated the little missiles had become ever more talented at their manufacturing craft, and so it was that Hornet was virtually always successful in executing a procedure, thus preventing yet another group of hostiles from reaching the promised land, at least not in this lifetime.

Hornet with target fire larger and pall of smoke, radio text "Roger that Dragonfly! Hornet out." and crew comm text, "Man I am STARVING! Let's take this whirlybird home and hit the mess tent..."

It was a good time to break for chow, a fitting reward for a successful run. Tomorrow Hornet would participate in a verification check for their just completed procedure.

Looking down on the target site, except for the residual fires, it all looked calm and peaceful as the joeboys slowly moved in from 4 o'clock.

The next morning broke clear and calm and Hornet was soon aloft above last night's target site. For reasons that were held close and secret, ComCore insisted that all such target sites be "sanitized". Hornet would provide aerial security for the grunts and joeboys that would do that. From up here, except for the residual fires, it all looked calm and peaceful as the joeboys slowly moved in from 4 o'clock.

To be continued...