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Welcome to the Synthetic Reality Galleries.

This is a collection of image galleries that were created by the Synthetic Reality Gallery Builder. Choose a gallery to view through the Galleries entry in the menu above.

Gallery Builder is a simple online web application that creates an image gallery based upon text information that you provide in response to various dialogs, most of which are "fill in the blank" requests, and the images and text caption descriptions that you select and upload to populate the gallery, along with an optional page background image and logos. Gallery Builder will then host the gallery as a page on this website, and also allow you to download a ZIP archive copy of the web page. The Synthetic Reality Gallery Builder can be reached through the Applications entry in the menu above.

Note that you must be a verified user and you must agree to our "Terms of Service" to upload content to be shared through the Synthetic Reality Gallery Builder application. You should also read our "Cookies Policy" to understand how Synthetic Reality uses cookies. Note also that Synthetic Reality does not use tracking cookies or any form of cookie that contains personal information.

Also note that the Synthetic Reality Gallery Builder application may collect certain information about users who upload content, for example we may verify that upload users are also Facebook users or we may require a valid email address. Only verified users can upload content, we do not allow anonymous uploads. What data or information we collect about you as an upload user is associated with the content you upload, and what we do with that information is detailed in our "Privacy Policy" statement. However, as is stated in that policy, Synthetic Reality will not sell or provide any of your personal information to anyone without your permission.