Max Simian 1

This is ms_00. This is ms_00.

"My name is Max Simian, and I am a certified sentient. I serve under the imprimature of the Alliance and my loyalties are certain."

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"My birth planet, Tan Aerith, is a jungle rainforest world with huge expanses of verdant growth and great rivers."

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"The scenery is breathtaking."

This is ms_03. This is ms_03.

"Trees that soar hundreds of feet into the air.

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"And the canopy is a mesh of branches and vines that invites exploration."

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"And water. Abundant, plentiful water.

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"Large rivers coursing their way through the jungle growth.

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"I have fond memories of playing with my mud puppy in the warm river water."

This is ms_08. This is ms_08.

"Probably being raised near the Shagu flood plain influenced my destiny."

This is ms_09. This is ms_09.

"The marsh reeds that grew in the shallow waters of the flood plain were possessed of seed pods that contained alkaloids, psychoactive alkaloids."

This is ms_10. This is ms_10.

"My predispositions led me to explore some of this chemistry in labs that were funded by an outfit named Imperium ChemCor."

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"No doubt the acid base reaction products could lend a different tone to things.

This is ms_12. This is ms_12.

"So when I reached my legal majority I left our treetop village."

This is ms_13. This is ms_13.

"I took an offer with Imperium and migrated to a city named Narveen on the planet Harben13.

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"No doubt the city was beautiful. The first time I saw the skyline by night I was smitten."

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"Even by day the muted tones and colors had a certain attraction. And yet the fascination began to pale."

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"But the real issue I had with life in Narveen was that there was just too much monkey business."

This is ms_17. This is ms_17.

"And the endless parties fueled by drugs not much different than those I was working on."

This is ms_18. This is ms_18.

"By then I had seen a lot of adverts for the benefits of service to the Alliance. The attractions of Adventure."

This is ms_19. This is ms_19.

"A chance to enter the halls of Leadership, of Power."

This is ms_20. This is ms_20.

"Even the potential for romance was a pitch.

This is ms_21. This is ms_21.

"So I signed up and they sent me to Leasee, a desert planet that boasted of its discomfort. I was there for indoctrination and training. My first kill of record occurred there. Sure it was an AI biomorph, yet and still the Alliance wanted to insure that I could act without regret or remorse, and especially without pity."

This is ms_22. This is ms_22.

"I did well, and so they sent me here for my initial duty assignment."

This is ms_23. This is ms_23.

"Here is Shanzi, a desert planet in the Solanus System here in Canar Galaxy."