A Storybook Comic

Hot Metal (HTML) girl saying "Well Hello There!'

HTML girl with surprised expression asking 'You wanna see my Comic?'

HTML girl looking towards us asking 'You wanna see just what this Hot Metal can do? DO YOU?'

She continues with 'You know that HTML is an acronym for Hot Metal, right?'

The HTML girl is looking upward and says 'Climb in and grab something to hang onto. Let's wind this baby out hey!'

With a look of wide eyed ecitement the HTML girl says 'I'll take you places you never ever been before! It'll be fun! HANG ON!'

A wormhole appears behind the HTML girl and all the colors are shifted in strange ways.

The colors have returned to normal, the wormhole remains behind the girl, and she says 'WOW! That was a BLAST!'

HTML girl with caption, 'I hope you can find your way home from here'

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