This is cbb_01. This is cbb_01.

There it was again. The voice of the Matron repeating its petulantly insistent yet imploring demand, interrupting Singularity's quiet reading.

This is cbb_02. This is cbb_02.

"Fact! Fiction! Quiet now, cease the argument!"

This is cbb_03. This is cbb_03.

"Truth! Lies! You two as well, quiet now!"

This is cbb_04. This is cbb_04.

Singularity knew that when the Matron Au Pair issued such a command that the engram embeds in the siblings would demand their obedient compliance, even at this late stage of the post incubation term.
Might as well let her speak, the sooner to return to her reading. Singularity was always an avid reader.

This is cbb_05. This is cbb_05.

"I am going to tell you a story about Cowboy Bob. He was a handsome young cowboy, Bob was. And he had two good friends."

This is cbb_06. This is cbb_06.

"These guys were named Chico and Ernie, and they were Reptylez."

This is cbb_07. This is cbb_07.

"Cowboy Bob and Chico were drovers. Ernie was just a cowboy down on his luck."

This is cbb_08. This is cbb_08.

"Cowboy Bob and Chico herded these Bovinids and it was hard work. Paid pretty good though."

This is cbb_09. This is cbb_09.

"After the roundup, Cowboy Bob and his pals would enjoy going out for a few drinks and some poker.
They didn't usually go to the uptown saloon. Packed and noisy. Even out into the street, packed and noisy."

This is cbb_10. This is cbb_10.

"And inside there were scads of dancing cowboys all dancing to some loud wild western tune.

This is cbb_11. This is cbb_11.

"Cowboy Bob and Chico preferred going to a quieter place closer to the outskirts of town. Ernie, well he was just along for the ride and didn't have much say."

This is cbb_12. This is cbb_12.

"The place was run by Chicos's cousin. Maybe all the Reptylez were cousins, I dunno.
Anyway the place had a nice bar and a good grill. And a great floor if you wanted to stroll."

This is cbb_13. This is cbb_13.

"So after this one roundup Cowboy Bob and Chico decided to get some chow and a few drinks and play some poker at the saloon."

This is cbb_14. This is cbb_14.

Then Truth interuppted the Matron's monologue.
"Is this story actually..." she began. Lies finished the question without a pause, "...going somewhere?"
The Matron curtly told them to "Just listen up!" and continued.

This is cbb_15. This is cbb_15.

"A couple of tables away from Cowboy Bob and his pals there were cowboys from the Loudermouth spread south of town and they began to making rude remarks directed at them."

This is cbb_16. This is cbb_16.

"Finally Cowboy Bob had enough and invited one of the Loudermouth boys to a good ass whuppin.

This is cbb_17. This is cbb_17.

"And one of the Loudermouths was actually foolish enough to have a go with Chico. Reptylez kick ass."

This is cbb_18. This is cbb_18.

"Chico's cousin had called the Shuruff, but by the time the Shuruff and his Deputty arrived some serious ass whuppin had already been dispensed."

This is cbb_19. This is cbb_19.

"The Loudermouths decided that the Shuruff's suggestion of a ride into the sunset would be for the best. They will return next season."

This is cbb_20. This is cbb_20.

"Now Cowboy Bob and Chico can stroll in peace and quiet."

This is cbb_21. This is cbb_21.

"The town Watchman obserrves everything. So you see how that worked?"

This is cbb_22. This is cbb_22.

Sigularity contemplated all of this. She had in fact paid rapt attention, such being the price she would pay to be able to return to her reading.
But no actually, she did not see how any of it worked. She thought that the Matron was becoming ever more obtuse in her didactic tales. Perhaps her neuralytics were deteriorating.
One thing however was certain. Truth and Lies along with Fact and Fiction would soon return to the never ending squabbles, the Matron's edicts be damned. And she could go back to reading.