Hyenas 4

This is swamp_01. This is swamp_01.

Hyenas 4

A Pleasant Fishing Trip

Hello everybody! So good to see you all again. I just got back from a really pleasant fishing trip to a planet named Kantor, but it's more affectionately known as The Swamp.

This is swamp_02. This is swamp_02.

I was doing some of my artwork when the Leon called, asked if I wanted to go fishing? I asked him what are you talking about and he gave me the lowdown.

This is swamp_03. This is swamp_03.

He had to pay a visit to this planet, Kandor, on behalf of The Alliance. The place is a fishing paradise, the entire planet is primeval swamp and a lovely place to visit. So he figured might as well have some fun.

This is swamp_04. This is swamp_04.

He told me the place was called The Swamp by fishing afficianados.

This is swamp_05. This is swamp_05.

There are huge expanses of a sort of a cypress swamp, trees in the water.

This is swamp_06. This is swamp_06.

And lots of insects, some truly lovely bugs. Bite Hell out of you too.

This is swamp_07. This is swamp_07.

Then there are some pretty ugly critters that are pretty harmless. Make great fish bait too.

This is swamp_08. This is swamp_08.

We saw some lovely vignettes of swamp undergrowth.

This is swamp_09. This is swamp_09.

And other places that were just an overgrown thicket of verdant green.

This is swamp_10. This is swamp_10.

There were these broadleaf plants in the undergrowth that have tuberous roots kind of like a yam or potato.

This is swamp_11. This is swamp_11.

Fry up a passle of them sliced thin for some really good eating.

This is swamp_12. This is swamp_12.

Besides the wooded areas like the cypress swamps there are these huge expanses of marshland.

This is swamp_13. This is swamp_13.

And large numbers of water birds that call the marsh home.

This is swamp_14. This is swamp_14.

Some of the birds are about the only thing that will eat the abundant snakes.

This is swamp_15. This is swamp_15.

We saw an aquaculture float where this guy we're going to see, fellow named Fitch, raised some plants as experiments, or food.

This is swamp_16. This is swamp_16.

There was this amphibian thing that was resting on top of some reed tips.

This is swamp_17. This is swamp_17.

Probably to avoid some of the tooty reptiles that would enjoy eating him.

This is swamp_18. This is swamp_18.

Some of these marsh alligator like things have an almost benevolent smile in their appearance. Believe me, there is no kindness in these critters.

This is swamp_19. This is swamp_19.

We passed through some of the tree swamps where the water had a blue sort of a tint.

This is swamp_20. This is swamp_20.

And we saw some more of Fitch's aquaculture handiwork. Fascinating in a way.

This is swamp_21. This is swamp_21.

Some of the tree swamps had a thinner canopy than others but were still not overgrown.

This is swamp_22. This is swamp_22.

We were actually lucky enough to see an Iger. These guys can swim pretty well and they are a top tier predator. No explanation for why there are not more of them.

This is swamp_23. This is swamp_23.

In the more polar latitudes there were some pretty colorful auroras.

This is swamp_24. This is swamp_24.

There are some other mamalian sorts of life, like these swamp rats. This one is out with her young.

This is swamp_25. This is swamp_25.

One thing there was a huge abundance of was frogs. Cute lil boogers.

This is swamp_26. This is swamp_26.

We saw this turtle enjoying the sunshine while basking on these lilly pads.

This is swamp_27. This is swamp_27.

This guy was another sort of a frog we saw.

This is swamp_28. This is swamp_28.

And then there were these beasties, a top tier frog predator.

This is swamp_29. This is swamp_29.

The little monster would merrily feast on its brethren.

This is swamp_30. This is swamp_30.

This frog like hybrid thingy had like wings and it could glide a long way after a good hop.

This is swamp_31. This is swamp_31.

There were these crustaceans that ate fish and frogs. Some would drop out of a tree on to a frog. Ugly as sin but boil that sucker up and man you are talking some good stuff!

This is swamp_32. This is swamp_32.

We saw a few of these little gys. Just such an adorable little critter with a nasty disposition and a head full of sharp fangs.

This is swamp_33. This is swamp_33.

The place was rife with vegetation and we saw a few patches of those yam plants.

This is swamp_34. This is swamp_34.

Other areas were overgrown with swamp plants growing on swamp plants

This is swamp_35. This is swamp_35.

This fellow Fitch, he had some nice yam patches near his place,

This is swamp_36. This is swamp_36.

We saw some pretty dense clumps of these trees. The canopy was not letting much light through.

This is swamp_37. This is swamp_37.

We saw some moss like growth that had an attractive red coloration.

This is swamp_38. This is swamp_38.

This is Fitch, the guy we were there to meet.

This is swamp_39. This is swamp_39.

This fellow spent much of his time either in the water or on the water.

This is swamp_40. This is swamp_40.

His living quarters, "the official residence", was a neat little sort of a fishing cabin built up on piers above the water.

This is swamp_41. This is swamp_41.

But he also had this kawaii little hut nearby and that is where he did his serious sleeping.

This is swamp_42. This is swamp_42.

There was pretty good sized scavenger bird that lived in the trees nearby and it would make these loud caw like calls at about sunset'

This is swamp_43. This is swamp_43.

But the fish! So many fish of so many sorts. These guys are kind of like bass.

This is swamp_44. This is swamp_44.

The Leon reeled in this nice catfish and it was a feast. Pan fried with this ghee butter Fitch got from four goats he kept.

This is swamp_45. This is swamp_45.

These guys reminded me of trout.

This is swamp_46. This is swamp_46.

There were lots of these sorts of pan fish, kind of a sunfish or maybe brem. I caught this one.

This is swamp_47. This is swamp_47.

Fitch caught the all time winner though. This guy was delightful in taste and texture.

This is swamp_48. This is swamp_48.

We had been there just over a week putting on the pounds when Fitch brought up snakes after we saw these guys.

This is swamp_49. This is swamp_49.

He led into his comments by telling us about some of The Swamp's monkey population.

This is swamp_50. This is swamp_50.

It came as no great surprise that most of the monkeys had a close relationship to water.

This is swamp_51. This is swamp_51.

Some of the monkeys were colorful in a subdued sort of a way.

This is swamp_52. This is swamp_52.

There was a legend about a monkey that had been as intelligent as the humans that first came to Kaldor.

This is swamp_53. This is swamp_53.

Fitch had a monkey, not very large but it seemed whip smart to us.

This is swamp_54. This is swamp_54.

In fact Fitch had gotten a small boat for the monkey, whose name was Isaac, to use in its own adventures.

This is swamp_55. This is swamp_55.

So Fitch said that right soon after that Isaac had drawn his attention to other monkeys catching certain snakes. This fanged monster being one sort.

This is swamp_56. This is swamp_56.

And this strange creature here. It turns out that the bite of these two snakes together, at about the same time, had a most profound effect on the bitten.

This is swamp_57. This is swamp_57.

It was a colorful long lasting psychedelic sort of an experience and Fitch wanted to have some of the snakes turned over to The Alliance. He already had some prepared and ready to load onto our dropship.

This is swamp_58. This is swamp_58.

We spent the next couple of days viewing some truly memorable scenery.

This is swamp_100. This is swamp_100.

Our last night there there was a Hell of a thunderstorm. It almost could have been romantic.
OK guys we'll see you again next time.