Side view of adult hyena.


Mary Jane, a pretty wavy long haired brunette.

The chat started with complaints.

Mary Jane was unhappy.
"I just don't know guys. I been lookin for love but it's been a bummer. Real downer."

The second girl, a brown haired lass with long wavy locks.

"Oh poor baby! I know maybe it's hard right now but you'll find somebody, I just know it."

Mary Jane sitting in a chair moping.

"I've just been moping around with the blahs, ya know? No motivation."

SheLa, a pretty brunette with her hair pulled back, hand to her neck, bangles on the wrist.

SheLa was ever pragmatic. "Just wash it off baby, take it on back downtown." was her rather rude suggestion.

Karen, a pretty blonde haired girl with long curly locks, she is laughing.

Karen offered her helpful comment. "Baby girl if you'd stop hanging with the dogs you might have better luck."

Handsome smiling fellow with trim hair, short beard and moustache, just a hint of gray.

"You need a warm fuzzy guy with a big heart. They're out there you know, I can assure you of that. But you throw bones to the dogs."

Suzy is a pretty girl with long straight brown hair.

Suzy jumped up ready to call Karen out.
"Well damn Karen! That was pretty rude if I do say so! I mean really? Dogs? Her boyfriends haven't exactly been dogs, and you know it."

Side view of adult hyena.

Karen replied to the parry with a nasty thrust.
"Yeah, right Suzy. I met some them boys and they minded me more of purebred hyena than they did of dog. Yeah, damned if they didn't."

Mary Jane had begun sobbing quietly. "Damn you Karen!" she hissed.

Cat seated across the table from us with a scowling expression.

Later, after the chat, Feral the cat addressed her.

"So let me get this straight? You let that poor broken hearted girl think you had a warm fuzzy boyfriend when the best you can do for meaningful companionship is me? A feral cat? And we both know that even I would leave if it weren't for the cat chow."
"You are going to burn in Hell Karen. You know that right? You are seriously damaged goods child."
Karen just laughed. Feral thought that she sounded a great deal like a hyena.