Storybook Documents

This is a collection of Documents about the concepts behind the Synthetic Reality Storybook Comic Book Builder site and its contents.
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Open Image Scaling

Image Scaling Concepts

This is an adjunct to the Comics Philosophy document.

This document focuses on, surprisingly enough, image scaling. In particular it examines some aspects ☺ of device dimensions and aspect ratios and how they affect your choice of original image formats for display on various devices.

Screen capture of the Storybook Comics gallery

Storybook Step By Step

Storybook Step By Step

How to create comics with Storybook

A sequence of screen captures showing the step by step process of using Storybook to create a comic, or perhaps a document like this one.

The introductory text description of the AuthUR Login Portal

AuthUR Login Portal Operations

AuthUR Login Portal Operations

A screen capture user's guide

This is a series of screen captures along with some explanatory text for each capture, and these images and the text serve to explain the operation of the User Interface to the Synthetic Reality AuthUR user login portal.

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Open Comics Philosophy

Storybook Philosophy

These are the ideas and concepts that the Storybook Comic Book Builder design represents. It is an explanation of Storybook's template design for an online comic book or illustrated novel.

The first consideration for an online experience is the user device, especially its size, so there is a brief explanation, with examples, about various display sizes and aspect ratios, and how those factors affect the choice of comic book image formats. Finally it shows examples of some of the user choices available in the Storybook Builder.