Synthetic Reality Division

About the Synthetic Reality Applicationss

Welcome to the Comics and Gallery Builder applications from the Synthetic Reality Division of IsoBlock.

The Comic Builder or Gallery Builder is a simple web app that has just two basic functions:
First it makes web page image galleries or web page comics based upon user input and uploaded content that is inserted into a template which results in the web page. Second, it archives a copy of the web page as a ZIP file that may be downloaded and installed elsewhere, for example you could share your web site image gallery or comic on a USB thumb drive. By default the archive will be deleted after a few minutes whether the user chooses to download it or not.

The Comic Builder or Gallery Builder can be set up in one of two basic modes of operation:
Either it can be set up to host the comics or image gallery pages that it creates and offers as an archive download, or it may be set up to only allow users to create and download the archive without any hosting services. By default the archive will be deleted after a few minutes whether the user chooses to download it or not.

Here on the Comics and Gallery Builder is set up to host the gallery web pages they create, and to also create an archive download of the web page.

Note that you must be a verified user and you must agree to our "Terms of Service" to upload content to be shared through the Synthetic Reality Gallery Builder application. You should also read our "Cookies Policy" to understand how Synthetic Reality uses cookies. Note that Synthetic Reality does not use tracking cookies or any form of cookie that contains personal information.

Also note that the Synthetic Reality Comic Builder and Gallery Builder application may collect certain information about users who upload such content, for example we may verify that upload users are also Facebook users. Only verified users can upload content, we do not allow anonymous uploads. What data or information we collect about you as an upload user is associated with the content you upload, and what we do with that information is detailed in our "Privacy Policy" statement. However, as is stated in that policy, Synthetic Reality will not sell or provide any of your personal information to anyone without your permission.

The Synthetic Reality home page is installed on a virtual server, a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, & PHP) hosted on Amazon Web Services "Lightsail", although it can also be installed on other ISPs like Earthlink for example.

The codebase of the web site was hand coded using the Notepad++ editor.

These are some of the other tools used to create and manipulate the web site code:

  • > PuTTY
  • > FileZilla
  • > some custom tools, for example to dump the SESSION variables or list database contents
  • > phpmyadmin
  • > gitHub desktop
  • > Facebook Developer page for the app

Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Premiere Pro, WMC Recorder, and Audacity were used in creating some of the content.

The site is hosted on a LAMP stack in the Amazon Web Services cloud and required configuring these services:

  • > AWS Lightsail
  • > Ubuntu Linux
  • > Apache
  • > MySQL
  • > PHP
  • > LetsEncrypt SSL certificates
  • > Route 53 DNS services

The content that is presented is written in these languages:

  • > HTML
  • > CSS
  • > Javascript
  • > PHP
  • > mySQL
  • > Facebook API

The site uses Zebra_Session and includes adaptations of some found code for the upload files table display. The site also uses adaptations of Facebook API example code. The rest of it is pretty much mine. All of the code is shared on gitHub.